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Judi  from Lima 

“Ken and I started listening to WTGN when we first moved to Lima from the Cleveland area in 1983.  We had no family or friends here so the programming of WTGN was a real blessing.  During those years when we were new parents, we especially loved listening to the great teaching that was on Focus on the Family.  We learned a lot from their many different speakers.  That is where we first heard Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Moore speaking about homeschooling and again, speakers on Focus on the Family and other WTGN programming, helped us through 16 years of homeschooling our boys.

It is wonderful that every hour of the day and night, we can turn on the radio and feel comforted that God has blessed this area with great Biblical teaching and spirit-filled music.

When we are at home or in the car, we listen to WTGN most of the time. God has really blessed our whole family and helped us grow closer to the Lord.  We have been greatly blessed by WTGN.”


Don  from Shawnee

On a morning in the spring of 1988 I was informed that my dad had passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack.  As one can imagine, many thoughts and feelings of grief and loss passed through me.  A few minutes later, I slipped into my car and heard “Does Jesus Care” by the Gaithers on WTGN.  In the midst of my questions, pain and loss it seemed God spoke to my heart and reminded me through the song that He does indeed care and is touched by my grief.


Anonymous Listener

“I want to say how much WTGN means to me.  I moved to Lima 3 and 1/2 years ago.  My husband was told by the doctors that he had only a year to live.  I wanted to be near my daughter and when I moved here I wanted to find a Christian radio station.  God led me to WTGN.  May I say what a blessing WTGN has been in many of the dark times in my life and the good times.  My husband died in August of this year, but he learned to love WTGN and with the prayers of many friends and WTGN he gave his heart back to God.  I cry tears of loss but tears of joy because I know he is with Jesus.  Thank you, Bob, Scott, Eric and Judi for letting your light shine in the love of the Lord.  I hope people truly value this radio station because it brings many hearts to Christ and comforts many.”


Anonymous Listener

“A couple of years ago I started listening to this station and this year I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I started listening to James MacDonald every morning at 5:30am.  For a couple years it’s really been close to my heart and the dame came that the Holy Spirit worked in my life.”


Anonymous Listener

“WTGN is a blessing to me.  15 years ago I was walking around lost and undone and the Lord was calling on me and I was fighting really hard.  I was listening to WTGN one night and the old lighthouse was on.  Well, that night I got saved.  Now I know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.  I’ve never looked back since then but I’ve always been indebted to WTGN.  What a wonderful blessing to have such a wonderful station to support the Christian brothers and sisters in this community.  God bless you all and thank you very much.”